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Hello! I’m Samantha and these are my delightful VEGAN treats. I’m here to show the many delicious treats we can make vegan, make it easier to make more sustainable food choices, and you wouldn’t even know the difference!
Being vegan means so much now, as something that started out as a small “diet” change. It has now become a whole lifestyle and created a new meaning of life. I changed the way I ate for health reasons, the animals and our ever changing world. I started my journey in 2019 with some guidance from my peers and many documentaries.

Well It all started at an old job back in San Diego, CA. I’d never really met a vegan or thought much about it. To my surprise, my manager was vegan and I had sooo many questions. He was so insightful and led me to many documentaries, articles and even recipes to try. My mind was blown by the amount of information.

 I decided at least I’ll take dairy out and found all the alternatives I really liked. After some time, i noticed a big change in my digestion already and It felt good. I felt like I’ve been lied to my whole life about having to drink cows milk. Fast forward two months, more documentaries came out and the more I read on the meat industry I decided to fully immerse myself in a vegan lifestyle. I had to learn little ingredients that also come from animals and really dive into what ingredients were in the foods I ate. It was tough because I love food but I soon learned how to recreate all my favorite meals and it felt like I finally broke the code. I could eat anything I want without hurting another being. It felt good in my heart but overall my skin, weight, digestion and energy improved. It’s been over 3 years now and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
In this whole process, I learned how to change all my favorite desserts vegan and it has been so much fun! I want to share my desserts with the world now and continue learning and sharing all the fun stuff we can make vegan.